Stella Wong Design
Comparison between Old (original design) and newer and smaller package.

Doing Good for the Environment

Packaging re-designed to streamline size of its oversized packaging and to build a stronger brand.
The Lady's Choice packaging was structurally too big for its product inside. With the increasing environmentally-conscious public, they felt a need to re-package their product in a much smaller size carton. It was also an opportunity to update the graphic design aspect of it.

A modified version of the logo that also retains its brand equity was rendered; a drop-shadow was added to give it more impact. Lady's Choice was known for the product's soft and velvety feel. A soft ribbon along with the gradient background conjures up that feeling. The ribbon also serves as a color coding device for the other scents. When displayed along side each other, the entire line of products creates a dynamic pattern on store shelves.

Designed for Addison Design