Stella Wong Design

These clients are Presentation and Research Specialists. Their challenge is how to make their presentations look more professional and visually interesting. Design, layout, drawing, photo retouching, and Powerpoint skills were needed. Here is a few sampling of the projects that reflect the various challenges resolved for them.

Concept Design

Concept Design.
New Template Design to match the company's newly designed website's look and feel and to create a fresher look from their previous dated look. Shown here is the chosen concept to be adapted.

Intel Design

Look and Feel Design.
Design format to tie together all the different layout "types" for a unified look. Intel's Corporate Blue as background, Intel logo signature on bottom, and transparent color bands were used to achieve the desired effect.

Las Vegas Template

Template Design.
The varied types of content made the presentation look unorganized and cluttered. Using a graphic device to "house" the headline created a fun and more cohesive feel. At the same time, this "device" offers more creative room to allow each page to have its own personality. Thereby making the overall presentation more interesting and professional.
DSA Cover Design

Format Design.
Exploration of close-in adaptation to existing format. Create a fresher look without deviating from structure so that it still feels like it's part of the report's existing series. VIEW OLD FORMAT.