Stella Wong Design
Richard Karsten

Susie Blumstein
When Stella takes on an assignment, you can trust that she will get the job done on time and within budget. I trust Stella with my design projects, more than any other creative talent that I have worked with over the past 20 years.
--- Richard Karsten, President, Archbishop Molloy High School, NYC

Stella Wong is a very important part of my business. She modernized my old outdated web site, reorganized my web store and improved my sales. Stella also branded my business with creating window graphics that opened a new market for people passing our shop and created advertising that grew my business. She is the best graphic designer I have ever encountered, her expertise and effort. She gives 150% of herself on any project she takes on. Stella brings so many new ideas to our business as well. Stella Wong delivers, I plan to be working with her for many years to come.
--- Susan Blumstein, Sewtime Sewing Center.

Comments and Feedbacks from client:
"Rave reviews, Stella! You are making me look so good. Honestly, I could not have done this without you." " POWERPOINT LOOKS AWESOME…Now you can be MY MASTER (Brand) * DESIGNER…rock on!!!!! "
* a famous chip maker.
--- Ruth Liu, Powerpoint Presentation Designer.

"Hi Stella: The business cards look professional and I'm happy with the results! Thanks so much. Also, I'm glad you enclosed your postcards and business cards. I will carry them with me and enthusiastically show your work at any opportunity.
--- Jean Lee, Financial Advisor.

As my new venture began to take shape, I came to realize some of my own limitations. I needed logos, trade marks, packaging, in short, something solid to go forward with. A business partner suggested Stella Wong to me. One fairly informal meeting later and I have my company logo, trade marks, and very exciting concepts for the marketing and packaging of my brand new products. I have also retained Stella for my web site design and maintenance. Thank you Stella. --- John McGlynn, Inventor.

Because of my position had to change, I needed to learn Microsoft Word, Exel, Illustrator, and Photoshop in a short time. I was very lucky to have Stella teach me and help me, she has excellent computer and verbal communication skills. Stella is a very patient, genuine and kind-hearted instructor. Therefore, I would like to recommend her as an instructor for a teaching position. --- Wei Gao Smaldone, Fashion Coordinator.

I have known Stella for at least 20 years. She was my mentor since I was in High School. She really cared about me and was willing to spend quality time with me. She wrote me letters and took me to visit different places in the city. Because I was an immigrant, I was new to the American culture. I remember the first year of our mentorship; she took me to mid-town Manhattan to view the beautiful window display on Fifth Avenue, NY. It was amazing that I still remembered.

In addition, when I was taking the SAT, and my family couldn’t afford to send me to SAT preparation class. Stella personally asked his friend to tutor me on weekends. With her help, I was able to get better grades in SAT test and was able to attend a good SUNY college ---Binghamton State.

Stella is a true and sincere friend to me. We still meet regularly and she still mentors me on different area of my life.
--- Mei Chun Lin, NAAAP Mentee.